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reply 10808/16/2015

Anyone who doesn't think Trump has a chance clearly doesn't realize where American

politics is right now.


reply 10908/16/2015
He doesn't really know the issues. He's all mouth and no substance. People like him 

because he's a celebrity but they need to get a reality check and remember what 

happened when Jesse Ventura and Arnold were voted governor. People were elated when 

Arnold became governor but he ended up trashing the state and put us in the red. Two 

years later, Jerry Brown and the Democrats have gotten California out of debt.


reply 11008/16/2015
[R110] Arnold was a mess, but he was pretty moderate. He wasn't alone in trashing the 

state. Don't forget that Democrats control both state senate and assembly. If we were to 

place faults during that time, Arnold and the Democrats legislatures are both to blame. 

Democrats in CA really do believe that you can spend your way out of problems. You 

can't. GOP think cutting taxes and starving schools of money would solve all social ills. 

That's also misguided.

What I like about Brown, and the reason why he has been so successful, is that he's 

socially liberal but has been prude when it comes to spending. I am way too young to 

know much about his father, but Brown is the greatest governor in all the US right now. 

Stinginess and prudence and a man of vision. If he was 15 years younger, I'd support him 

for President.


reply 11108/16/2015
Just to add [R110], if Brown hadn't kept the Democrats in check, I'm pretty sure the 

economic state we are in right now wouldn't be much different from Arnold's time. Brown's 

biggest foe during budget negotiations are his fellow Democrats.


reply 11208/16/2015
Brown has done a remarkable job of lifting California out of the mess it was in. This is his 

second stint as governor and he probably learned his lessons the second time around. I 

remember why he first ran for governor, he was dating Linda Rondstant. They were both 

young and hot at the time and it was exciting. He's always been stingy and prudentl. I 

remember in his first term as governor, he moved to a modest place and was driving an 

older car that wouldnt incur expenses.

The only thing a I disagree with Brown is his pro-stance on Fracking when we are in the 

middle of a drought.


reply 11308/16/2015
[R14], I BEG your pardon.

—Nancy R., fellatio extraordinare

reply 11408/16/2015
Trump now says Heidi Klum is no longer a ten. This is her response:

Trump Insulted Heidi Klum's Looks For Some Reason. This Was Her Response

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